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  1. Shirley Gleason
    Shirley Gleason says:

    Just bought the Vortex air fryer—-not sure I want to keep it. Your web site has so little on it that I am totally confused. I did not buy an Instant Pot pressure cooker and that seems to be all that is available.

  2. Bob Bomia
    Bob Bomia says:

    There is litterly no information on the Vortex. I’m still trying to make toast. I’m glad I kept the cuisinart!

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    My Vortex plus 10 came with no recipes or times to cook anything how are you supposed to cook anyhing if you have to look on line to find recipes and then they are not the right one they are for the instant pot

  4. Starving
    Starving says:

    No information, recipes, or cooking guidelines. This has to be one of the biggest failures in planning, product launch and support that I have ever seen in a retail market.

  5. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Starving,

    We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty locating the information on our site, we appreciate the feedback.

    Here is additional information on the Airfryers: https://instantappliances.com/portfolio-item/vortex-plus-air-fryer-oven/

    You can use any air fryer recipe you come across online or find some here: https://recipes.instantpot.com/?coursefilter=&cuisinefilter=&dietfilter=&search=%22Vortex%22&bsearch=Search

    For support reach out to us by phone, ticket or Chat!

    Reach out through our chat and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

  6. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Susan,

    We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty finding information on our Vortex plus.

    Here is more information and cooking timetable: https://instantappliances.com/portfolio-item/vortex-plus-air-fryer-oven/#cooking-time

    Our recipes files contain many recipes for all of our appliance. We have more Instant Pot recipe because it was our first product and have been collecting them over multiple years thanks to the many recipe contributors. You should be able to use any airfryer recipe you come across from your favorite recipe creator.
    Here is our air fryer recipe collection:https://recipes.instantpot.com/?coursefilter=&cuisinefilter=&dietfilter=&search=%22Vortex%22&bsearch=Search

    Reach out through our chat and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

  7. Mel Rego
    Mel Rego says:

    Should of bought Emeril Lagasse’s Air Fryer. It comes w/ a Recipe BOOK! I wish I could take it back, you can’t even supply a recipe BOOK, very cheap on your part. You think everyone has TIME to go Online to search for a recipe. We don’t, we want to open up a recipe book that you did not include. Very poor on your part. But you don’t care you got our purchase!

  8. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Mel Rego,

    We definitely care, thank you for the feedback. We will provide it to our product department.

    We have the recipes available on our free app, that is why we did not include a physical cookbook. The benefit to offering the recipes on an app, instead of a physical copy, is we are able to update our app with new recipes frequently.

  9. Doug K
    Doug K says:

    Have to agree, there is little or guidance on how to use the 6 quart vortex plus air fryer and all the recipes at the link are for the vortex plus oven which are two distinctly different appliances. Also it’s not easy to find recipes for the 6 qt air fryer on the recipe app or on the website links. Huge fail by instant appliances as it’s like selling a car without any owner manual. Hugely disappointing and still deciding whether or not to return the appliance after this experience.

  10. Dale Joseph Owens
    Dale Joseph Owens says:

    I do not have a pot or oven. It’s an instant vortex 6 qt. air fryer.
    Do you have helpful cooking hints for it?

  11. Jack
    Jack says:

    Got a Vortex for a gift. WTF are the recipes? I saw your lame app, and lame website. Not acceptable . The device isn’t like a typical air fryer, so I have to experiment with everything. Don’t bother. Not a minimal viable product.

  12. Loretta Riordan
    Loretta Riordan says:

    At our ages (72 and 70) we don’t like having to use our iPad or smartphone to find a recipe. We want a cookbook to work with. Those of us that have reached our golden years learned to cook using recipes that are written down by the previous generation or old cookbooks. Have some pity on us, include a cookbook

  13. Rick Johannes
    Rick Johannes says:

    I have to agree. My first air fryer and no instruction on how to cook anything. Instant pot dropped the ball.

  14. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I bought the air fryer as a gift. There was no cookbook, which is fine, whatever. But your website and app have a total of 26 recipes and this comment is a full year later than the ones above. This is pathetic, truly.

  15. Gary
    Gary says:

    As virtually all note, InstaPot failure to not supply even a basic recipe book with each air fryer is an epic failure. What appears to be a hastily prepared “1,000” online recipes is a poorly done second failure. You have a chance to recover: prepare and print – or include on your website – a serious at least basic cookbook available free for each specific air fryer. InstaPot is going to damage a great reputation.

  16. J
    J says:

    I just bought a vortex plus that was used and has no warranty or recipe guide in it! Just bc I bought it on sale it shouldn’t have been a used one. Now I’m worried if there’s anything wrong with it and they were very rude to keep all the instructions in it, except for the rotisserie ones, so it was deliberately! The basket was also scratched up alittle on the top. It’s maddening!

  17. Larry
    Larry says:

    Bought the omni and the app has no mention of it at all. Terrible when on the box it advertises the app.

  18. Larry
    Larry says:

    Bought the omni and the app has no mention of it at all. Terrible when on the box it advertises the app. Also adding that the website wont let me post the first sentence because it says it is a duplicate post.

  19. Judy Katje
    Judy Katje says:

    We also bought the 10 QT Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven. Was very surprised when opening to find there was not a recipe book, as this was our first with an air fryer.I must agree with the other comments that I feel it is bad business to produce a product and no recipe book. I feel that the
    manufacturer should make a printed book available for the asking.

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