Classic Corned Beef with Cabbage and Potatoes
By :Beef It's What's For Dinner
Votes: 109
Rating: 4.49
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Course Main Course
Cuisine English
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 1-2 hours
Diet Low Carb
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Cabbage, Corned Beef Hash, Potatoes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 70 minutes
6-8 servings
  • 2 1/2 -3 1/2 pounds Corned Beef Brisket boneless
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 medium head cabbage cut into 8 wedges
  • 8 ounces Yukon gold potatoes cut into 8 wedges
  • 8 ounces carrots cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons butter melted
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
Course Main Course
Cuisine English
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 1-2 hours
Diet Low Carb
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook
Main Ingredient Cabbage, Corned Beef Hash, Potatoes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 70 minutes
6-8 servings
  • 2 1/2 -3 1/2 pounds Corned Beef Brisket boneless
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 medium head cabbage cut into 8 wedges
  • 8 ounces Yukon gold potatoes cut into 8 wedges
  • 8 ounces carrots cut into 1-inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons butter melted
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
Votes: 109
Rating: 4.49
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  1. Place Corned Beef Brisket and 1 cup water in the Instant Pot. If seasoning packet is included with corned beef brisket, pour it over the beef brisket after water is added.
  2. Close and lock pressure cooker lid. Use beef, stew or high-pressure setting; adjusting time to 70 minutes.
  3. When time is up, use the quick release feature to release pressure; carefully remove lid. Remove beef.
  4. Add potatoes, carrots and cabbage to pressure cooker. Close and lock pressure cooker lid.
  5. Use beef, stew or high-pressure setting, adjusting time to 3 minutes. Use the quick release method again once time is up.
  6. Remove fat from brisket, if desired. Carve brisket into thin slices across the grain.
  7. Combine butter, salt and pepper in small bowl. Drizzle over vegetables. Serve brisket with vegetables. Enjoy!
111 replies
  1. BrookelynTurner
    BrookelynTurner says:

    More of a question than a review. The ingredients call for 5 cups of water, divided. But the instructions only use 1/2 cup. When does the other 4-1/2 cups come in?

  2. Jolenewb
    Jolenewb says:

    I should have trusted the liquid. I didn’t think it was enough so i put in 2 cups. I ended up boiling my vegies. The taste however was great! I will come back to this recipe again and trust the liquid. 🙂

  3. MetalMatty69
    MetalMatty69 says:

    I don’t know where you’re getting 5 cups of water in this recipe I followed the recipe just like it and it came out fine. Clearly 1 cup of water

  4. Tlos
    Tlos says:

    This was so easy and delicious! Followed the directions exactly. Loved that everything was done in one pot and the Veggies were seasoned well!

  5. Yellowjps
    Yellowjps says:

    Best corned beef and cabbage i have ever made. Make sure to tent meat while cooking veggies or it will dry out.

  6. kittiegug
    kittiegug says:

    This was our favorite recipe so far that we’ve made in the Instant Pot. The beef fell off the fork and the vegetables were terrific. Great recipe!

  7. Realtor_vickie
    Realtor_vickie says:

    I made this with a 4.5lb Corned Beef and instead of water I used vegetable broth. Cooked for 90 minutes on the meat/stew setting and it was fabulous! Absolutely the most tender/juicy corned beef ive ever had or made. The potatoes, carrots and cabbage took 10 minutes, howver soaked up the flavors from the corned beef and were delicious. Definitley recommend.

  8. babsinfv
    babsinfv says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    The family LOVED it! I thought their might be leftovers… I was wrong!
    We will be making this again.

  9. GmaCcooks
    GmaCcooks says:

    3.5 lb. corned beef. Upped time to 75 min. Should have listened to original directions. Meat fell apart. Super tasty and tender. Veggies perfect. Doubbled carrots and made mashed potatoes on the stove. Will make again!!

  10. Sunsetdollars
    Sunsetdollars says:

    I followed the recipe to the T and the corned beef came out tough and the carrots are potatoes were mush. The only thing that was edible was the cabbage..

  11. says:

    Absolutely delicious!!!! Now I can have corn beef more often, it takes half the time to make it with the Insta pot!!!

  12. Booklover1019
    Booklover1019 says:

    Very good. Cabbage and carrots were so well seasoned. Better than when I boiled them. I saved the broth to use as a soup starter

  13. Cotton
    Cotton says:

    This is the only one that called for just 1 cup of water….others called for4 which is ridiculous. Turned out great!!

  14. Wirebuilt
    Wirebuilt says:

    Followed the recepe to the t and it was great, 2.5lb corned beef 70min cooking time and 3 min veggies after. All cooked through, delicious meal. Will make again soon, hubby was so happy called me bonnie lass 🙂

  15. Rhubble
    Rhubble says:

    Cooked a 1.5 lb slab with extra garlic and a few shallots with 1 1/2 cups of water. Finished with veggies x 5 mins HP. Could not believe the incredible tastes. Bit of salt and butter to finish things off. Will be putting this on my list of favorites.

  16. Sigh1342
    Sigh1342 says:

    Could have used a couple more minutes for the beef, but otherwise it was excellent!

    Veggies were perfect at 3 minutes.

    Tent the meat while waiting for the veggies!

  17. baraldi
    baraldi says:

    You need far more than one cup of water. Cover the corned beef with water. Otherwise the corned beef will be much too salty.

  18. Alij625
    Alij625 says:

    So easy! Made a 4.5 lb roast so I bumped up the time to 90 min and I probably couldve used another 5-10 minutes. The vegetables turned out amazing!

  19. bamcmahan75
    bamcmahan75 says:

    The best corned beef I have had. From home or restaurant. Trimmed some fat before cooking. Next tim I’ll trim more. I cooked it 80 minutes instead of 70. Full head of cabbage, pound of baby carrots, four large potatoes in 1/8s for 10 minutes which filled the pot. This is a kust for the Irish!

  20. Marlene99
    Marlene99 says:

    This was great. Better than Slow Cooking because Meat could be sliced accross the grain. Followed recipe exactly but did few things extra. Trimmed most of fat from Brisket (Glad I did!!). Fat adds flavor but too much fat ruins the dish. Put Trivet that came with I.P. in bottom which made it safe & easy to remove meat from hot broth. Be sure to COVER meat with foil while Vegetables are cooking in I.P. Cook time shown is short, so allow EXTRA time for 2 quick releases & prep.

  21. says:

    Added a turnip, 5 potatoes, 6 carrots, 4 and 1/2 pound brisket everything turned out perfect cook the brisket for 78 minutes potatoes and turnip and all that for 4

  22. Oldmanbell
    Oldmanbell says:

    It’s so easy and so good. I put a can of beer with the brisket, but I doubt it made a lot of difference. I served this to friends, having never tried it before. This recipe will be used many times again. I believe you will have the same result.

  23. Flakeyone
    Flakeyone says:

    2.9 pound cooked 70 per instructions. Little chewy. Cooked another 5.
    3 minutes for veggies. Any more would end up
    I used a bag of baby carrots. I cup water perfect since cooking produces another cup. Remove meat and cook veggies alone. Tasty and filling.

  24. HarrisonInstantPot18
    HarrisonInstantPot18 says:

    Delicious! I used 1 1/2 cup of water instead of 1 cup. I only cut the potatoes in quarters so they wouldn’t get overdone. I put tin foil on top of the corned beef, then put the potatoes on top. Cooked for 2 more minutes. All came out perfect!

  25. Marisaviolet
    Marisaviolet says:

    I added 1 1/2 c of water…otherwise followed the recipe and everything came out perfect !

  26. David R. Kennedy
    David R. Kennedy says:

    Getting ready to make this with a 4.25 lb brisket. Doing it at work for a St Patrick’s lunch for my coworkets. Curious: no one has said anything about whether to rinse it before putting it in the pot. Advice?

  27. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    If it was brined for a while, you can definitely rinse the brine off the brisket. Since it all cooks together some salt that penetrated the meat will be released and season the cabbage and vegetables.

  28. David R. Kennedy
    David R. Kennedy says:

    Terrific recipe. So easy and so tender. … I’m not a fan of mushy vegetables, so I used a steamer insert for them. They came out soft with a slight crunch.

  29. Alikair
    Alikair says:

    One cup got me a burn notice. Online searches called for 4 cups. I added a few more cups after i got the burn notice. Not sure if i used 4 total. The meat was tasty but the veggies took to long to reach pressure so they over cooked in 3 mins.
    One reviewer recommends adding enough water to cover the brisket. Will try that next time and use 0 mins for vegetables

  30. Jphillipsac
    Jphillipsac says:

    I substituted sweet potatoes for white potatoes and it worked well. I’m amazed hiw quickly the sweet potatoes softened up.

  31. Linda102302
    Linda102302 says:

    8 oz potatoes is 2.5 which is not enough for the serving. Has anyone tripled the potatoes and carrots and if so how long did you cook?

  32. Theresa Fessler
    Theresa Fessler says:

    I made it using 8 medium to small red potatoes, quartered, 1 package baby carrots, and a whole medium cabbage cut into eighths. I put the potatoes in first then carrots then cabbage wedges on top, completey filling the pot. It took a while to reach pressure but all 3 items were completely cooked (poatoes and carrots very soft) w 3 min hi pressure.

  33. Kevin365365
    Kevin365365 says:

    Quick,only added salt, pepper and mustard coat, turned out most flavorful, moist and delicious ever.

  34. DawnetteH
    DawnetteH says:

    This was awesome! So good flavors are wonderful together, I also added a whole sweet onion, sliced.

  35. Jenneh85
    Jenneh85 says:

    Made this today, came out juicy but salty, I should have put some potatoes in it to leech some of the salt. Only mistake I made was not covering the steam release valve with a towel an it ended up spraying my floor and counter with juices from the corned beef. All in all for a newbie I think I did pretty swell.

  36. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi JWH2752,

    You are able to switch between ingredients, instructions and reviews using the tabs at the bottom of the app once a recipe is selected.

  37. DatsunLover
    DatsunLover says:

    Came out way too salty for me, next time I will use as much water as possible. Could have used a bit more time, too. Veggies were good.

  38. Tiffanie Strasser
    Tiffanie Strasser says:

    This was the first meal we made in the Instant Pot. It was delicious!! We’ll definitely make our corned beef in here every year!

  39. Brenther517
    Brenther517 says:

    Super delicious recipe and WAY faster than a crockpot. Followed this recipe exact with adding 20 more mins for 3.5 lbs. For the veggies we stacked the potatoes on bottom, carrots in the middle and last of course the cabbage on top. Dont add anymore water. Recommend this completely!!

  40. Dan1959
    Dan1959 says:

    When I removed the meat, after 70 minutes on the stew setting, the meat was too hard to eat. Maybe the recipe should have called for high pressure? My wife’s birthday meal was ruined and I ended up serving Dennison chili!

  41. Donnalikescoffee
    Donnalikescoffee says:

    Cook a lot longer!!! 70 min is not enough!! Cook for 115 to 120 minutes and then the meat is tender.

  42. Snoozeliter
    Snoozeliter says:

    This was the first time I ever tried this recipe. I followed the directions exactly as written. Everything came out great.

  43. Santa Dog
    Santa Dog says:

    This was the first meal that I made in my new IP. The flavor was very good, it was, however, just a little over done for us. Next time I think that I will adjust the cooking a little.

  44. Conradsmom
    Conradsmom says:

    Very easy and very good. I use a bottle of beer and a cup of chicken broth for the cooking liquid.

  45. Batcrazy
    Batcrazy says:

    Tried this recipe for our first time using our new IP. So easy and so good! Time for veggies was almost too long, would cut it back by a minute next time. Will definitely make this again!

  46. Aaron Appling
    Aaron Appling says:

    Just made a 4 1/2 lb brisket with a md cabbage, diced sm onion, package of sliced mushrooms, bag of baby carrots, & a small bag of baby red potatoes. Cooked it 75 & 3 minutes. Soooo tender, soooo good!!!!!

  47. Flakeyone
    Flakeyone says:

    One of our favorites. So easy and delicious.
    Tip. Leave beef in pot in juices when 70 minutes up. Meat dries out quickly. Another 5 minutes (3 too short) with veggies will keep it moist and hot.

  48. Jeromerc1
    Jeromerc1 says:

    Why can’t i see comments without entering one? Or is it a problem with my IPhone? That is why the 1 star rating.

  49. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Jeromerc,

    We are sorry you had difficulty accessing the comment section.
    You can see comments by clicking the comment tab at the bottom of the recipes.
    The rating is for the recipes to determine if the community enjoyed them. For technical issues please contact our support team or use the rating in the app store of your device.

  50. Csprad
    Csprad says:

    So the wife and I tried this recipe. The flavor was there and more but the meat was so tough. I think the cook time need to be adjusted or something. I read online that people used the rack and got better results.

  51. nomorethan4
    nomorethan4 says:

    Followed recipe exactly as it was my first meal in the instant pot. Delicious! Everything turned out perfectly!!

  52. chestube1999
    chestube1999 says:

    Followed directions as stated. Came out great. The only change I will make next time is adding a tbsp complete seasoning , 1/2 tsp garlic powder , & tsp salt to liquid to cook cabbage. Came out kind of bland

  53. gabby.roberts
    gabby.roberts says:

    This has become my FAVORITE recipe by far and my entire family loves it! Who knew that 3 kids (ages 11, 9 and 5) would ask for seconds. I do add a little bit of garlic, salt and pepper to the carrots and cabbage for some extra flavor. Also, instead of using water, I use chicken or beef stock. Comes out great every time!

  54. Joseph Pepitone
    Joseph Pepitone says:

    This is an awesome recipe. I used a piece of corned beef a little over 3 pounds. I put pickling spice in the water and cooked it for the recommended 70 minutes on high pressure. I then put the vegetables in and put the corned beef back on top and put it in for an additional three minutes on high pressure. This was the most tender and flavorful corned beef I’ve ever made.

  55. Fran
    Fran says:

    Disappointed. The brisket was tough and had to cut the fat off. Normally it just falls off. The veggies were bland and had to cook longer than 3 minutes. I’ll stick to the old fashion way on the crockpot setting.

  56. bytocean
    bytocean says:

    I made this tonight! It is excellent!!! Moist and tender, sliced perfectly, vegetables are also dine perfectly, wouldn’t change a thing… I will definitely make this again and again…

  57. Ldgregg
    Ldgregg says:

    One cup water was not enough (created burn error) and you dont state how much water should be in there when you load vegs.

  58. Gnevens
    Gnevens says:

    Good flavor but not nearly enough time to make fork tender corned beef. Cabbage and carrots were perfect.

  59. Cookless
    Cookless says:

    I followed the receipe exactly. My brisket was just under 3 lbs. and fork tender. Cabbage, potatoes and carrots were perfectly cooked. All tasted great.


  60. Cc19805
    Cc19805 says:

    Best corn beef ever. Why, because the vegetables were steamed not boiled in a pot of water. This is now my go to recipe. Use the leftover beef to make Rubens.

  61. Tracycrowder72
    Tracycrowder72 says:

    Best way to make cornbeef, most tender meat too. Will never make my brosket any. Other wayfrom this point out.

  62. Rosiee
    Rosiee says:

    Best ever corned beef! I decided to use 2 cups of liquid instead of 1. After I removed the beef, there was still plenty of liquid to cook the vegetables. The beef was tender and the veggies were tender and flavorful!

  63. Ami Jo
    Ami Jo says:

    My first time using my instant pot I used this recipe. It was amazing. Juicy and tender and cooked to perfection.

  64. ChiCisme
    ChiCisme says:

    I used a cup of water and a can of beer and cooked it for 90 minutes. The meat that was in the liquid was fork tender but the part that was out was tough so i will definitely use mire liquid next time. Otherwise definitely going to make again!

  65. Debbie Jackson
    Debbie Jackson says:

    This is only 2nd time using my Insta Pot Air fryer. Had for months & kinda still scared of it. OFirst was my verion of Chile
    Verde & rice that came out BOMB!!! HAPPY
    Saint Patricks day by the way… Love the way you explained the process & buttons of High & those that use product words. I used additional pickling spice I get at Savemart in CA & tweaked a bit by adding 5 TBLS BEER/ Budweiser to water & had my man to drink rest of can. LOL I was so bummed when I couldn’t find my cabbage. I asked clerk for a head & didn’t realize he grabbed a head of lettuce instead. I finally figured out which was the quick release button & it finally let me open it’s the pot to the delisousnes & perfect vegetables missing the cabbage, of course. Best I ever made. Going to buy another & do it right if still in stores with the cabbage Haven’t decided yet if going to use white pepper & salt & butter mixture on vegitables yet. The pickling spice has a lot of pepper corn flavor. I did get little nervous though since was behind on cutting vegitables & meat was sitting on warm & added 1/2 cup water to juices before vegitables process.

  66. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    I followed the recipe exactly last night (St. Paddy’s Day), and the roast came out tough and inedible (after a burn warning first). It ruined St. Paddy’s Day at home. Fortunately, we realized the corned beef was inedible before I added the vegetables, so I bagged those up. My husband always buys 2 or 3 corned beefs this time of year, so today I went back to the way I’ve made corned beef and cabbage (perfectly) for decades… in a slow cooker. I love my instant pot, but won’t use it again for corned beef and cabbage.

  67. Greg Campbell
    Greg Campbell says:

    Glad I’m not the only one to find theses instructions appalling. First, never, never do a quick release on corned beef in an Instant Pot. Second, doing cabbage for three minutes and a quick release makes cabbage mush. You could do the corned beef for an additional 10 minutes and then a slow release. But a slow cooker is the way to go for corned beef.

  68. Gypsypetal
    Gypsypetal says:

    I’ve been making corned beef every year for 20 years. I’ve tried all different methods but I think this was the most tender one that I’ve ever had. I had a 3 1/2lb flat roast. I had read in other comments/recipes to use the metal trivet and to cut flat roasts in half – if you have a tri-tip it said you don’t have to. I also doubled the liquid and I used 1 cup water and 1 cup beef broth. I think my cabbage got cooked a little too much but the kids tried it ans actually liked it.

  69. Kate
    Kate says:

    After reading all the comments, which unfortunately contradict each other, I went middle of the road with 2 cups liquid — beer and beef broth. I like crunchy veggies so I cooked 2 minutes.

    Turned out great! I used 70 minutes, but many recipes go up to 1 1/2 hours, so I guess it depends how firm you want it. I do like a bit of firmness so it cuts easier.

    Made a mixture of sour cream, horseradish and whole grain mustard to serve it with. It’s a little different than traditional but delicious!

  70. SaraWyoming
    SaraWyoming says:

    We have made this recipe 2x it is so delicious. I’m thinking more of a colder season dish given the heartiness of this recipe – beef and vegetables. Used 1 cup of liquid and the meal turned out perfect. Served with horseradish. Will definitely make this again and again.

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