Cake Mix Cinnamon Swirl Bundt
This Bundt is not a dense cake but more like a classic pudding cake, thanks to the instant pudding mix in the batter (natch!) and to the added sour cream. We love it with butter pecan ice cream!
Servings Prep Time
6servings 5minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
60minutes 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
6servings 5minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
60minutes 15minutes
  • 1 1/2cups Water
  • baking spray
  • 2cups standard white cake mix (half of a 15 1/4-ounce box )do not use a sugar-free, gluten-free, or pudding cake mix)
  • 1/4cup instant vanilla pudding mix (half of a 3.4-ounce box)
  • 1/2cup regular sour creamat room temperature, do not use low- fat or fat-free
  • 1/3cup whole or low-­fat milkdo not use fat-free
  • 1/3cup vegetablecanola, or other neutral-flavored oil
  • 1 large eggat room temperature
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 3tbsp light brown sugar
  • 2tsp ground cinnamon
Special Equipment
  • a 6-cup pressure- safe Bundt pan and a pressure- safe rack or trivet
  1. Pour the water into the insert set in a 5-, 6-, or 8-quart Instant Pot. Put a pressure-safe rack or trivet in the insert. Coat the inside of a 6-cup pressure-safe Bundt pan with baking spray, taking care to get the spray into the crevasses.
  2. Whisk the cake mix and pudding mix in a large bowl until uniform. Whisk in the sour cream, milk, oil, egg, and vanilla until smooth.
  3. Use a fork to mix the brown sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Sprinkle this in a rather thick, swirling circle across the top of the batter, then fold very gently with a rubber spatula so that there are big streaks in the batter. If you want to see exactly how to do this, check out the video for this recipe on our YouTube channel, Cooking with Bruce and Mark.
  4. Gently pour and scrape the batter evenly around the prepared pan, trying to preserve those streaks in the best way you can. Set the pan on the rack and lay a paper towel on top. Lock the lid on the pot.
  5. For the MAX model: Set the pot for Pressure Cook at the MAX level for 27 minutes.

    For all other Instant Pots: Set the pot for Pressure Cook/Manual at High Pressure for 32 minutes.
  6. When the pot has finished cooking, turn it off and let the pressure return to normal naturally, about 20 minutes Unlatch the lid and open the cooker. Remove and discard the paper towel. Use hot pads or silicone baking mitts to transfer the (hot!) pan to a nearby wire rack. Cool for 10 minutes, then set a serving plate or platter over the top of the pan. Invert everything, remove the pan, and cool the cake on the plate for at least another 15 minutes before slicing and serving. Or cool to room temperature and store on the counter, loosely covered, for up to 8 hours.
Recipe Notes

• Stir up to 3 tablespoons finely chopped walnuts into the brown sugar mixture.
• To make an icing for the cake, put 1 cup confectioners’ sugar in a medium bowl, then whisk in 1 tablespoon whole milk, followed by more milk in 1-teaspoon increments until you have a thick icing that can be drizzled.