Basic Beef Stew
By :Pillsbury
beef stew recipes
beef stew recipes
Votes: 108
Rating: 4.42
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Course Main Course
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 1-2 hours
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook, Sauté
Main Ingredient Beef, Potatoes, Tomato Paste
Prep Time 45 Minutes
Cook Time 54 Minutes
8 Servings
  • 2 lb beef stew meat
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon Muir Glen™ organic tomato paste from 6-oz can
  • 2 cups chopped onions
  • 2 cups diced peeled carrots 1-inch
  • 2 cups diced peeled russet potatoes 1-inch
  • 1 cup Progresso™ beef flavored broth from 32-oz carton
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons water
Course Main Course
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 1-2 hours
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook, Sauté
Main Ingredient Beef, Potatoes, Tomato Paste
Prep Time 45 Minutes
Cook Time 54 Minutes
8 Servings
  • 2 lb beef stew meat
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon Muir Glen™ organic tomato paste from 6-oz can
  • 2 cups chopped onions
  • 2 cups diced peeled carrots 1-inch
  • 2 cups diced peeled russet potatoes 1-inch
  • 1 cup Progresso™ beef flavored broth from 32-oz carton
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons water
beef stew recipes
Votes: 108
Rating: 4.42
Rate this recipe!
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  1. In large bowl, toss beef with salt and pepper. Spray 6-quart Instant Pot™ insert with cooking spray. Select Saute; adjust to normal. Melt butter in insert. Add beef in 2 batches, and cook 2 to 4 Minutes on first side until browned. Turn and cook 2 to 4 Minutes longer on second side or until browned. Select Cancel.
  2. Return beef to insert. Stir in tomato paste. Stir in onions, carrots and potatoes. Stir in broth. Secure lid; set pressure valve to Sealing. Select Manual; cook on high pressure 45 Minutes. Select Cancel. Set pressure valve to Venting to quick-release pressure.
  3. In small bowl, beat cornstarch and water with whisk. Select Saute, and adjust to normal; heat liquid to simmering. Gently stir in cornstarch mixture; cook 30 to 60 Seconds, stirring frequently, until thickened. Select Cancel.
Recipe Notes

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(No Title): Instead of 2 lb of stew meat, you can purchase a 2 1/2- to 3-lb beef chuck roast, and cut it yourself. Trim off the fat, and cut into 2-inch pieces. You should end up with about 2 lb meat.
(No Title): Top with chopped fresh parsley for a pretty, fresh garnish.
(No Title): Kitchen Tested - 11/2017.

112 replies
  1. nlaporte
    nlaporte says:

    Vegetables were in way too long. Potatoes were almost mush. Suggest cooking meat as noted in recipe with the required liquid and onions at high pressure for 35 minutes. Quick release and add carrots and potatoes. Reset at high pressure for 10 to 12 minutes.
    I would probably brown the meat in a separate sauté pan to save time. I find the sauté function somewhat inadequate. As soon as you add the meat, it goes from “hot” back to “on”. The depth of the insert also makes sautéing more difficult.

  2. Jose Zvietcovich
    Jose Zvietcovich says:

    Terribly wrong written. Impossible to follow. Please Instant Pot, review recipes before publishing them.

  3. Gordonmcds
    Gordonmcds says:

    Ok, my changes. Added 1/4 cup of red wine to the liquid as well as increased to 1 1/2 cups of broth. Cooked the beef, onions, and two crushed garlic cloves for 23′. Released pressure, added potatoes and carrots, cooked for 22′. Very good.

  4. Jhkleiner
    Jhkleiner says:

    If I could just make a suggestion, for a stew where you wish to have your vegetables maintain there shape (such as potatoes) try using a low starch and high moisture potatoe such as red or new potatoes (tight skinned). Russets are great in a dish where you’d like them to break down a little to thicken the sauce. That being said maybe stay with original recipe and change potato.

  5. Andy
    Andy says:

    Because I wanted to shorten the total cooking time, I cut up the beef into 1 inch cubes and sauteed in two batches. Also made ingredient changes to suite our tastes: olive oil for saute, used chicken broth, added 3 chopped cloves of garlic, added dried parsley and bay leaves (removed before eating), used flour/water instead of cornstarch, used all 6 oz tomato paste can, less salt, added 1/2 cup red wine and 1/4 cup bock beer. After mixing all the ingredients together, pressure cooked for 17 minutes. Vegetables not over cooked, gravy done, beef tender. Ready to serve when pressure naturally released.

  6. Winunc
    Winunc says:

    This was the 4th meal i have made and it came out great. I used red potatos, because that’s what I had, and it came out fine. Flavor and consistency were great.

  7. Karlar
    Karlar says:

    It was very good, although my husband and I thought it had too much salt. Next time I will cut the salt down, probably half. It was still very good.

  8. davidvetter1953
    davidvetter1953 says:

    Made this last night. Great flavor, but too salty, will reduce at least by half. Easy to make, and again very tasty! Will definitely make it again!

  9. LoisC
    LoisC says:

    Good basic recipe but used olive oil for the sauté, did a sauté of the onions along with garlic and deglazed with cognac. Used less salt and pepper and added a good sprinkling of thyme.

  10. Kathleen ryan
    Kathleen ryan says:

    Made it last night . Followed the instructions. Excellent result. Wud recommend this stew. Hint, get everything ready before sauting the meat. Avoids panic

  11. Paulzak17
    Paulzak17 says:

    Good recipe but not enough for 8 servings as specified. Made a salad and had fresh rolls with the stew. Reduced cooking time to 40 minutes and added a bit more beef broth.

  12. Maureenlazerus
    Maureenlazerus says:

    My first time using IP.. followed directions exactly.. very tasty but the potatoes and carrots were mush. The meat was so tender tho.. after reading reviews I will try other suggestions

  13. dragonberry
    dragonberry says:

    I followed the advice of halving the salt. I also added many more seasonings such as oregano and thyme. I floured the beef before browning it, too.

    A decent recipe. I was nervous about using quick release but it worked out fine.

  14. Danielle Pike
    Danielle Pike says:

    Awesome easy basic stew recipe. Especially for those new to pressure cooking with the instant pot

  15. sujey rosales
    sujey rosales says:

    I’m going to make this for dinner ,probably doing the meat apart on an iron skillet for sautted. wish me luck .

  16. Toullou
    Toullou says:

    Great deep taste. Doing it again today. I cut the potatoes a bit bigger though. I also sauté the onions a bit after the beef to lessen the raw taste. Best tasting stew i’ve had.

  17. unicycle
    unicycle says:

    Perfect. Kids absolutely loved it! Took some time but was easy to do and cooking as a family was a blast.

  18. Mjlandry
    Mjlandry says:

    I’ve made this twice but i add chopped celery and a can of corn. Also, instead of tomato paste i use a can of Rotel tomatoes. Perfect!

  19. Reebecka
    Reebecka says:

    I always add a bottle of dark stout beer, 2 tbs. of brown sugar, a little oregano, a little thyme, a bay leaf, and 1 can of diced tomatoes. I promise you will never eat a better stew!

  20. Foolez
    Foolez says:

    Absolutely wonderful. I used a little less salt but followed the rest of the recipe. And 8 servings is a stretch, more like 5 or 6. Very tasty, and very tender meat. I will do this again for sure.

  21. Glorys
    Glorys says:

    Ldl722. I guess by this time you figured it out, i was at thr same row, the mannual botton on newers IP is “Pressure”

  22. RAFifer
    RAFifer says:

    Good basic recipe but we found it to be bland based on the ingredient list. I added more salt and pepper. Next time, I’ll consider adding more seasonings

  23. A-A-Ron
    A-A-Ron says:

    This is pretty great stew, but it could use more potato for my liking. And maybe some more seasoning.

  24. Barbara623
    Barbara623 says:

    Delicious! Used a can of Rotel tomatoes instead of paste. Added some minced garlic and a dash of browning sauce. Next time will cut up larger pieces of the potatoes. Will make it again!

  25. says:

    2nd item made with my new pot. Very good. Will use red potatoes next time. russets fell apart. Used a lot less salt and let everyone add if they wanted it. All in all we really enjoyed it.

  26. Beth Engelhardt
    Beth Engelhardt says:

    I did the adaptation of adding the vegetables for the last 22 minutes and some wine. Delicious! For “newbies”, “manual” means pressure cooker.

  27. Dan and Kim
    Dan and Kim says:

    I removed the cornstarch and added Au jus i also added a can of green beans The potatoes and double my tomato paste made the thickness perfect for my wife and my likeing

  28. Jasonblack
    Jasonblack says:

    I have the three qrt pot so I halved the recpei. I think ill know off five+ minutes of cooking due to some general mushyness. I added a tablespoon of garlic because im me and overall very happy with this one.

  29. Zee Elders
    Zee Elders says:

    When i make it again i will take the pressure cooking time down about 20 mins cuz the potatoes were way over cooked. Everything became really mushy. That or ill put the veggies in later. It turned tasting pretty good. I altered the recipe slightly by adding red pepper flakes, red wine and italian seasoning. Another thing is that it seemed like may e I misunderstood the recipe but i ended removing ALL of the cooked food to add the slurry to thicken the juice and then added it all back in.

  30. Dustywatson
    Dustywatson says:

    Great recipe other than the cooking time. 45 mins is to long for carrots and potatoes and onions. Better if only cooked 30 to 35 mins.

  31. Auntnaya
    Auntnaya says:

    I loved this! I made a few changes, taking ideas from several recipes. I dusted the meat with flour and browned as directed. I didn’t have russets so used reds (I’ll take reds over pretty much any other potato!) I didn’t add any chicken stock, I made it all beef, using “Better Than Bullion” instead. It was rich, saucey without being gravyish! We will definitely use this recipe often!

  32. says:

    Petty good, and it was my first dish made with the instant pot. Rates like my dad’s stew.

  33. Mystree55
    Mystree55 says:

    Great recipe. Added celery & mushrooms. Cooked meat & mushrooms for 30 mins, then added veggies & cooked for another 15 mins. Everything was cooked to perfection.

  34. BigBudsBob
    BigBudsBob says:

    It was ok for my first try. Needs some herbs for flavour and after the set time of cooking the potatoes and carrots turned to mush. Perhaps it should be cooked for less time.

  35. Ksenia_from_russia
    Ksenia_from_russia says:

    I followed the recepie step by step except replaced potatoes with mashrooms and served over pasta (not traditional beef stew but it was neat) and reduced final cooking to 35 mins. The meat was super soft and flavor was delicious. Also adding dry Basil at the last step gave it nice touch.

  36. Ksenia_from_russia
    Ksenia_from_russia says:

    Oh also loved the idea of saute beef in butter, it made it extra creamy and soft

  37. Mariagarciapa
    Mariagarciapa says:

    Great beef stew. I added green bean and sweet potatoes. 2 teaspoons of salt makes it too salty. I would recommend 1 teaspoon of salt.

  38. mandilynn1
    mandilynn1 says:

    This was a great meal! I chose to add mor broth than what was recommended. Would make again!

  39. BigA
    BigA says:

    Yum yum in my tum tum!
    Added double the paste and salt. Salt was large grain. Used homemade chicken broth instead. Added shrooms and green beans from garden.

  40. aschwanberg
    aschwanberg says:

    This recipe did not work. 1 cup of liquid is not nearly enough. My instant pot kept turning to “burn”. I had to keep scraping the bottom of the pot and adding more liquid.

  41. Marinus
    Marinus says:

    The seco d time I have used the INSTA POT. The stew was as I remember my wife making for me. I made the recipe for 2 people as I am alone. It was great will make it again.

  42. Tamar0328
    Tamar0328 says:

    Just made it smells delicious. I have big eaters does not seem enough. Will need to double the recipe.

  43. LeslieAA
    LeslieAA says:

    Love how quick and easy this is to make. A bit dry for our taste so i added another cup of beef stew and it was perfectly delicious

  44. Donny0975
    Donny0975 says:

    Meat falls apart, very tender. Changes i made…. added mushrooms and beef at beginning, cooked about 30 minutes, then added sweet potato and carrots and cooked additional 10 minutes. Also added extra beef broth, 1 cup didn’t seem enough. Family loved the recipe, will be making it again!

  45. Lisa Pendry
    Lisa Pendry says:

    I wish to make this recipe this afternoon and put dumplings in too. Shall I put the dumplings in before i close the lid and cook for 25 mins? Thank you

  46. Ronnie1918IP
    Ronnie1918IP says:

    45 mins is TOO LONG, unless you want your ingredients as a primordial stoup. Go for 20 Mins max. Add bay leaf, some red wine to deglaze the beef and more aromatic herbs.

  47. Danettea
    Danettea says:

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  48. Tia
    Tia says:

    This is, by far, my favorite IP recipe. My changes:
    Used a can of Ro-tel instead of the required tomato paste.
    Planned to use 4 cups of beef broth, but didn’t have enough… So 2 cups beef and 2 cups chicken broth.
    No salt/pepper while cooking. Instead added salt/pepper after served up.
    No cornstarch or water.
    30 min w/o potatoes and carrots. Quick release, added potatoes and carrots. Finished with 13 minutes high and quick release.
    I still think the veggies were a tad mushy, so next time I’ll try 12 minutes at the end. And believe me, the next time is not too far in the future!

    I wish we could upload photos because I think my stew was beautiful!

  49. Saxenas
    Saxenas says:

    Awsome and Simple..
    Just make sure you don’t add anymore than 1.5 cups of broth unless you like it soupy..
    Even my teenage daughter knows how to make it now!!

  50. IrinaM
    IrinaM says:

    For Duo mini 3 qt pot i divided ingredients in half. Used about a cup of mild salsa instead of tomatoe paste. Didn’t use corn starch and water. Cooked for 35 min. Would prefer more liquid next time, maybe one cup of broth instead of 1/2. Served with sour cream. Perfect for 4 people. One down side of this recipe- there was no leftovers left to enjoy the next day! Delicious winter stew!

  51. Gina
    Gina says:

    I also have the 3-quart and halved the recipe. Didn’t have tomato paste, so I substituted 1/2 cup tomato puree and reduced the amount of broth. Also used flour and broth instead of cornstarch and water, but considering the mush that the vegetables became, it really wasn’t necessary. Added celery and seasoned salt. The flavor was really good, but the vegetables were complete mush. If I make this again, I will definitely cook the meat without vegetables first and add veggies later. Might add one potato or so at the beginning of cooking to act as a thickener so I don’t need any other.

  52. Tom7737
    Tom7737 says:

    Used the basic recipe but added turnip and parsnip plus a couple of bay leaves. We found the stew was a bit too salty for us and will cut salt by half the next time. Very good.

  53. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Very good! This was really easy, and directions were easy to follow. I used yellow potatoes, and just sliced the onions rather than chopping. I also used tomato sauce since I didn’t have paste. I thought my vegetables were perfectly cooked.

  54. Precila Z.
    Precila Z. says:

    So I made the beef stew…it was delicious. But this evenings dinner I swapped the meat for chicken breast. Just as good.

  55. Gary
    Gary says:

    I agree with many others. Meat was tender, maybe too tender but ok. Carrots and potatoes were mush, ruined. Tasted ok. Apparently this recipe was written without ever dusting off your instapot or you wouldn’t have posted this.

  56. Pottop
    Pottop says:

    45 minutes is way too long. After reading reviews I cooked on high at 25 minutes. My potatoes were mush. The carrots barely firm. I think the meat should be done first. Then add the potatoes and carrots for maybe 10 minutes.
    I also added peas at the end, and worchestershire sauce.


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