Balsamic Apple Pork Tenderloin
By :Chop Secrets
pork tenderloin
pork tenderloin
Votes: 67
Rating: 4.67
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Course Dinner
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 30-60 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook, Sauté
Main Ingredient Apples, Honey, Pork
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
4 servings
  • 1 sprig rosemary (around 3 inches )
  • 3 sprigs thyme fresh
  • Kitchen twine
  • 1 tbsp canola oil
  • 1 1/2 lbs pork tenderloin (not loin roast)
  • 1 small onion finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 2 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth
  • 1 apple peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 2 1/2 tsp cornstarch
  • fresh thyme garnish (optional)
  • pomegranate seeds garnish (optional)
Course Dinner
Cuisine Modern
Difficulty Easy
Browse Category Meat
Duration 30-60 min
Cooking Technique Pressure Cook, Sauté
Main Ingredient Apples, Honey, Pork
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
4 servings
  • 1 sprig rosemary (around 3 inches )
  • 3 sprigs thyme fresh
  • Kitchen twine
  • 1 tbsp canola oil
  • 1 1/2 lbs pork tenderloin (not loin roast)
  • 1 small onion finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 2 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth
  • 1 apple peeled and chopped
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 2 1/2 tsp cornstarch
  • fresh thyme garnish (optional)
  • pomegranate seeds garnish (optional)
pork tenderloin
Votes: 67
Rating: 4.67
Rate this recipe!
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  1. Wrap 3-4 loops of kitchen twine around the thyme and rosemary and tie securely. Set aside.
  2. Add oil to the Instant Pot. Using the display panel select the SAUTÉ function.
  3. When oil gets hot, brown the meat on all sides, 3-4 minutes per side. Meat will not be cooked through. Transfer browned meat to plate and cover loosely with foil.
  4. Add onion to the pot and saute until soft, 3-4 minutes (if it gets too dry, add a bit of broth). Add garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes more.
  5. Add balsamic vinegar to the pot and deglaze by using a wooden spoon to scrape the brown bits from the bottom of the pot.
  6. Add the broth, apple, salt and herb bundle, and stir well. Add the tenderloin back and nestle it in the sauce, turning once to coat.
  7. Secure the lid, making sure the vent is closed.
  8. Using the display panel select the MANUAL function* and adjust the pressure to LOW PRESSURE. Use the +/- keys and program the Instant Pot for 2 minutes.
  9. When the time is up, select CANCEL and let the pressure naturally release for 15 minutes, then quick-release the remaining pressure, if any.
  10. Check the temperature of the meat with a meat thermometer to ensure it is at least 137 degrees. (If it is not, proceed, but see the note below in step 11.) Carefully remove the pork from the pressure cooker to a cutting board and cover loosely with foil.
  11. Using the display panel select the SAUTÉ function. Add honey and butter and stir well to incorporate. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes. (If the tenderloin did not reach 137 degrees, add it back to the pot in this step and cook, turning occasionally, until it reaches 137 degrees.)
  12. Remove herb bundle. Scoop out 1/3 cup of the liquid into a small bowl and whisk in the corn starch. Pour mixture back into apple mixture and stir well to thicken.
  13. Slice the tenderloin into medallions and serve with the balsamic-apple mixture. Garnish with additional thyme and pomegranate seeds, if desired.
Recipe Notes

*The Manual and Pressure Cook buttons are interchangeable.

79 replies
  1. brewefc3
    brewefc3 says:

    The meat wasn’t near hot enough after pressure cooking for 2 min. 3 lbs only reach 110. Recommend pressure cooking a little longer.

  2. Nanacooks
    Nanacooks says:

    Delicious and easy! I cooked two tenderloins with two apples and one large onion. Temperature was over 170 but still moist. Served with rice.

  3. Michele Petty
    Michele Petty says:

    150 degrees 1.59 pounds pork
    Cut the apple chunks small if you have kids. Ill also cut the onion and meat in smaller pieces. Wonderful flavors…served with mash potatoes…..2 of 3 kids like it so that’s a win.

  4. Whughes0111
    Whughes0111 says:

    This pork tenderloin turned out really good and juicy. The apple balsamic sauce is excellent. Will definetly make again.

  5. Aleach
    Aleach says:

    2 pound tenderloin. 2 minutes not near enough time. Could not get to desired temp with saute step. Sliced it (still raw on inside) and put back on to pressure cook for 9 minutes. Was very tasty this way but not as 8 had envisioned. Nest time I try this recipe I will definitely pressure cook the whole tenderloin longer.

  6. Trish
    Trish says:

    2 1/2 lb tenderloin cooked for 6 mins with 15 NR. Was perfect. Used 1 cup broth. Could have added a 2nd apple and maybe a little less broth

  7. MyPersonalChef
    MyPersonalChef says:

    This was very yummy. I fixed 2 tenderloins and doubled the recipe so total weight was 4.3 lbs. I pressure cooked at low for 7 minutes and the pork was done and juicy. We prefer our pork well done. I like apples so inused 3 instead of 2. It was delicious and will make it again.

  8. Uneamie
    Uneamie says:

    Wondering why it says cook time is 35 minutes yet in the directions it says to pressure cook the roast for 2 minutes? I see a lot of reviews that complain that 2 minutes was not enough… Hmmm!

  9. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Uneamie,

    Even though the cooking time is only 2 minutes, the pork loin will continue to cook while under pressure. It is very important to let this recipe naturally pressure release and not quick release.

    For meat the size and weight can alter the cooking times. Other reviews mentioned trying to cook a heavier pork tenderloin than the recipe called for, which would need a longer cooking time and the recipe would need to be adjusted.

  10. Jetjill
    Jetjill says:

    I doubled the recipe and used two 1.5 pound loins. I salt and peppered the meat prior to browning. Pressure cooked for 4 minutes. It was awesome.

  11. OnePotMeal
    OnePotMeal says:

    This was my first recipe in the Instant Pot. I would recommend newbies try a simpler recipe instead of this. That said, pork tender and juicy. The apple sauce was delcious.

  12. Jenklaus
    Jenklaus says:

    This is delicious. I cooked a 1.3 lb loin for 4 mins and it was right at 140 after the pressure released.

  13. Jins
    Jins says:

    Delicious. Adaptable: used garlic flakes instead of fresh garlic and a little syrup when I discovered my honey was past its sell by, but apples and pork? You can’t go wrong.
    I too was confused by the temperature and followed up by sautéinging, as suggested. This felt wrong, though it did not detract from the taste. Clarification perhaps needed though?

  14. Cadero
    Cadero says:

    Great flavor, i have made this recipe twice now. Using the steam grate i added potatoes and carrots. Definitely up the cook time…8 minutes was perfect for me.

  15. Bowens1174
    Bowens1174 says:

    I have the 6qt LUX and dont have the ability to do low pressure, so my pork turned out a little overdone. It was tasty nevertheless. I’d love any advise to remedy the dry pork in my situation. I’ll certainly make this again.

  16. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Hi Bowens1174,

    If a recipe calls for low pressure and you have a Lux, you will need to adjust cooking time by a bit.

  17. Mhash
    Mhash says:

    Easy recipe and do delicious! I had a huge tenderloin so doubled everything, but cut up the tenderloin into 4 pieces, kept same time and it turned out great!

  18. says:

    How do I adjust the time for a 12 oz tenderloin? Half of the 1 1/2 lb required?
    This will be my first recipe. I appreciate the suggestion of using the steamer for veggies & potatoes. I’ll come back after I make the recipe tonight & comment!

  19. CarolRB41
    CarolRB41 says:

    I made this recipe for my first try. It was easy to follow. I wasn’t certain how much to cook it under pressure after reading the reviews. I only had a 1 lb tenderloin and decided to cook for 7 minutes. It was way overcooked. Next time I will cook for 3 minutes. The applesauce is delicious! I used 1 apple but next time will use 2.

  20. DELOU
    DELOU says:

    Added 3 apples instead, used dried herbs added directly for whole process. Adjusted time for larger roast size. Worked great, tasted great too!

  21. Trixster
    Trixster says:

    Too little seasoning on the pork, needs more salt and pepper. I prefer a sauce that doesn’t mix onions and apples. Pork turned out tender, but you need to sear the loin in a cast iron pan.

  22. Kook with Keith
    Kook with Keith says:

    Beautiful. Definitely going into my favorites. Are used to apples and it was perfect. Wife loved it. I mean her good bucks.

  23. Sir Mungus
    Sir Mungus says:

    My package of two loins weighted a shade over 4 lbs. So, I doubled the recipe, but used three apples instead of just two. I chose Granny Smiths.
    To supplement the meat, I also had about 5 golf-ball-sized potatoes and one Russet potato cut into pieces of various sizes. I also cut two thick carrots into generous pieces. I put some of the potatoes directly into the sauce and the rest in a foiled packet. I foiled the carrots as well. The foiling was out of a concern of overcooking them. The two foiled packets were set on top of the meat.
    Given all the extra meat and veggies, I did 7 minutes of low pressure cooking, followed by the full 15 -minutes release with Keep Warm.
    The meat tested at 170+ in many places. It was not dry at all, and it was largely the doneness that we normally get from a long crock pot session.
    The potatoes that were loose came out very well. The foiled potatoes and carrots were underdone, so I think I could have put all of them loose on top of the meat. I finished them in the microwave.
    There was lots of the sauce, more than double what we ended up using. Part of that, I suppose, was the addition of an extra apple. Two of our five were picky kids, too. Even if everyone gobbed as much sauce on as I did, we still would have some left over. So, don’t worry about that. It was delicious sauce, and we’re keeping it for other possible uses.
    This recipe is definitely a keeper. Next time, I will add the vegetables directly, with no foiling. I might also experiment with not fully thawing the pork, so that I can have enough time to cook the vegetables thoroughly without overcooking the pork.

  24. SirMungus
    SirMungus says:

    Delicious recipe. It would be nice to see it adjusted for the quantity of pork that most people are likely to cook, which is the two loins that they get in a packet.

  25. Agarcia3
    Agarcia3 says:

    This is a huge hit and it’s delicious. I add mini potatoes but it’s just for more substance. The flavour of the recipe is amazing. I made it 3 times in 1 week.

  26. markrleonard1
    markrleonard1 says:

    I really thought there was no way my 2 lbs of pork would be fully cooked in 2 minutes. But it was! It reached 140 degrees and it was juicy and cooked all the way through. I have never been wowed with an instant pot recipe until now. I wasn’t even wowed by the crack chicken recipe everyone was raving about. (I had cooked it several times in a crockpot for years and it was 10 times better than an Instant pot recipe.) But my faith has been restored in Instant pot recipes! The chutney is to die for

  27. Taerrahj
    Taerrahj says:

    This was so good and we didnt make any changes to the recipe except a little more salt and pepper! Loved it as is and will make it again! Really great instructions too!

  28. ctthorne
    ctthorne says:

    Pretty simple, I followed the instructions with one exception, I let it pressure cook for 5 mins, wait for 15… it was 165-170°F, which is considered well done for pork! We will make this again!

  29. says:

    One of my favorite instant pot dishes. The balsamic apple sauce is so good. And the herbal flavor on the pork is so tasty.

  30. instantpotapp
    instantpotapp says:

    Juicy, tender, delicious! The family loved it! The 40 minute total time is laughable however. Hell, it took me 10 minutes just to dig the ingredients out of the cabinet, lol. From start to finish it really took me about an hour and 15.

  31. ryandahlke
    ryandahlke says:

    This dish is amazing! Very tender, and fantastic flavor. We had roasted rosemary red potatoes and zuchinni with it, for a delicious meal.

  32. says:

    Used our 8 quart instant pot and doubled the recipe. It was delicious. I think the prep time was actually quite a bit longer than 10 minutes. It’s not difficult but leave a little wiggle room with your time.

  33. Instant Pot
    Instant Pot says:

    Prep time can vary, especially if there is lots of chopping. I am a slow chopper and I always add an extra 10-minute wiggle room.

  34. Bsponn
    Bsponn says:

    Delicious and very tender. Used apple cider vinegar due to allergy to sulfites in balsamic. Also added 2 apples. Used arrowroot powder instead of corn starch. It was very good but there were an awful lot of steps. I prefer a simpler recipe.

  35. d.grimes
    d.grimes says:

    Very tasty, will titally do this one again and again. Prep is a tad tedious but worth it. Followed the receipe to the letter and had no surprises.

  36. Flakeyone
    Flakeyone says:

    Adjusted recipe for a 3 pound, 8 serving tenderloin. Substituted ground spices for fresh to sauce. Great taste.
    Added some apple sauce to mixture.
    2 minute pressure cook and 15 NR perfect.
    Added to favorites.

  37. LorrieLegrand
    LorrieLegrand says:

    Followed the recipe exactly and this was a great pork dish. I will cook for 4 minutes next time before letting the pressure release since meat wasn’t quite to temp. Left it in the sauce per the instructions as i was adding the other ingredients and that did the trick. The sauce on top of the juicy pork was perfect!

  38. Bocagirl
    Bocagirl says:

    I made this for two, so I used half a tenderloin, 12 oz. exactly. Otherwise, followed directions, with the addition of S&P to the pork before searing it. I waited the full 15 minutes after the pressure cook on low for two minutes. I didn’t need to do a manual release. The meat was 165 upon testing it, but it was tender, nonetheless. Next time I will will not chop the onions so finely and I will chop the Granny Smith apples in bigger pieces. We thought it needed more balsamic or less honey.

  39. KathySTXMX
    KathySTXMX says:

    I made this last night & we loved it! I made it with pork chops & instead of adding corn starch, I tossed the chops in 1/4 cup of flour, with salt & pepper, before browning them. I had to simmer them in SAUTE, for about 2 min more, after the 2 min. pressure cook. They were tender, juicy & delicious! We will be having this again!

  40. Dawemorgan
    Dawemorgan says:

    I made this tonight and I have to say it was a hit. It was absolutely delicious flavor. Served it with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

  41. Swedish cook
    Swedish cook says:

    This was my first Instant Pot recipe and it was awesome. The meat was juicy and tender but i think next time I’ll use just a bit less balsamic vinegar.

  42. EatNow
    EatNow says:

    Absolutely delicious! I did put under pressure for 4 minutes and it was Ah….mazing! Also just threw in dried thyme and rosemary and that worked too. This is a repeat recipe for sure.

  43. PamelaParkhurst
    PamelaParkhurst says:

    The most amazing dish ever. I’m not a vinegar person at all and we loved loved loved this meal. We served it with steamed broccoli. I did leave the tenderloin in for 4 min vs the 2 called for.

  44. Kstafford0708
    Kstafford0708 says:

    Takes a little longer prep, but totally worth it! Pork was moist, and the apple/balsamic/rosemary taste was very apparent.

  45. Brookskw
    Brookskw says:

    Great recipe. I’m 70 something, retired military & retired truck driver but have kinda taken over the kitchen. Due to necessity I do a lot more in the kitchen now. Made this recipe and surprised myself. Turned out way better than I expected. Little tough for an old guy to follow all the steps. But yummmmmmy. Cooked additional 4 minutes under low pressure.

  46. Marciek
    Marciek says:

    My first recipe in my new Instapot, I already had a pork serloin 2″cut in freezer so used that and also put in some little potatoes and sliced red cabbage for a German twist! It was delicious, the cabbage and potatoes absorbed the broth/vinegar and gave the dish some color too!

  47. TwinMama2004
    TwinMama2004 says:

    Delicious. We all loved it!

    I only had dried herbs not fresh… just did 1 tsp per spring!
    Also, I doubled sauce at first thinking it wasn’t enough… there was plenty – don’t double it.

  48. Brookskw
    Brookskw says:

    Made this recipe again…
    This time I only screwed up twice. Forgot the butter until the sauce was almost done. But it was ok. Added a smidgen too much honey but that too was ok. (hey, retired truck driver here!) Just learning this cooking thing. Reading the recipe isnt the problem, thinking and coordination of right hand, left hand is.

    Hope this brings a grin to some of you “real” cooks.

  49. Ginok
    Ginok says:

    Terrible terrible recipe.I followed the instructions with a 3 pound roast instead of cooking for two minutes I cook for four minutes let simmer for 20 minutes check the temperature it was 90° I had to cook it on high heat and do my own thing don’t waste your time with this recipe

  50. Cyndi Grace
    Cyndi Grace says:

    Really enjoy this receipe, but, respectfully, have to say that cooking time for pork tenderloin to be well done needs to be 20 minutes on Low Pressure. If you like your pork a little pink in the middle, would suggest 10 to 15 minutes. This makes a savoury meal, paired with potatoes, and a steamed root vegetable. Love my Instant Pot!

  51. Brookskw
    Brookskw says:

    Made this almost to the recipe but meat was tough and chewy. Sauce was great.
    Will try again.

  52. JN the RN
    JN the RN says:

    I made this last night. Thought it was great. I did add some red grapes halved and I also used pork loin 2# instead of tenderloin. Cooked it 20 min left the lid on 15 additional and it was perfect.

  53. Katie Grice
    Katie Grice says:

    Is there a typo at the top? I’m confused with the first sentence “Wrap 3-4 loops of kitchen twine around the thyme and rosemary and tie securely. Set aside.” I’m assuming this is meant to say “wrap 3-4 loops of kitchen twine around the loin. . .”?

  54. Chop Secrets
    Chop Secrets says:

    @Katie Grice
    The twine does indeed go around the herbs, not the pork. It’s a technique called “bouquet garni” and keeps you from having to pick sticks out of your sauce at the end. Enjoy!

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