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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I really wish you would divide your recipe section into the different insta appliances. Like one section for the ace nova blender recipes etc. It’s a cluster , to try and find a recipe that you are looking for only to come to find out its for the insta pot and not the Ace Nova and or the other way around ..I cannot be the only person to feel this way .

  2. ruth reed
    ruth reed says:

    I recently purchased an instant pot blender and have been making smoothies, almond milk , and soup so far. I love it for the milk and smoothies, however I had some soup scorch on the bottom of the blender and found it difficult to clean it. I agree that we need more recipes available for this specific appliance to be able to use it to its full potential.

  3. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    I agree! It’s disappointing this blender didn’t include any recipes! I’m having trouble finding recipes beyond smoothies…

  4. Bill W
    Bill W says:

    Evidently nobody from Insta-Pot is paying attention to their page or requests. Separating the recipes would be awesome. Responses are anything but insta…

  5. Holly
    Holly says:

    Disappointed in difficulty and lack of recipes for blender. One month old and still haven’t used. Using daily my instant pot 8qt but for soups still using old blender.

  6. Cindy Beahan
    Cindy Beahan says:

    For all who have complained that it is difficult to find recipes just for the IP Ace, I agree, but have found that the app does allow you to sort recipes by appliance.

  7. Lakela
    Lakela says:

    In any search window type: ACE PLUS BLENDER. There aren’t many recipes. There are a few more on the app. Frozen drinks, smoothies, soups and dips are it for this device.

  8. Michael McConnell
    Michael McConnell says:

    Mine broke after 4 uses. I threw away the box and receipt then I threw it away the blender since I couldn’t get it fixed. I spent 100$ on the thing just to have it break

  9. Juanita
    Juanita says:

    I received a instant pot for Christmas but having a hard time finding recipes. Nothing in the box to help with recipes. Spent a hour or more on line to locate recipes. I could have cooked a meal in that amount of time

  10. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    I bought my Ace Blender about 5 months ago and use it almost every day to make fresh soup. Chop some veggies, pour water or broth in the bottom 1/4 of the blender, add seasonings and press the Soup button. It will heat to perfection, stays hot just by keeping the lid on until you’re finished. To clean, I throughly rinse, fill hot water to 32 ounces, add a coupe drops of liquid dish soap & press clean cycle (cleans in 48 secs) use the small white brush to further clean sides and inside base if needed. I also use a couple drops of liquid descaling solution and keeps the bottom clean and shiny like new. Best soup ever!

  11. Chasity-Blu
    Chasity-Blu says:

    Thank you Valerie. I figure just chop and add but yes, I tried the app but no luck. No I wish I just bought the pressure cooker

  12. anne_fox@bellsouth.net
    anne_fox@bellsouth.net says:

    Please separate recipes on this site. Takes too much time trying to find suitable recipe!

  13. Mary Walker
    Mary Walker says:

    Just purchased the Instant Pot ace plus blender. Confused that a recipe booklet or at least a few start up recipes were not included. What can I use this for other than icy beverages. Please help.

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