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  1. Josephine Campbell
    Josephine Campbell says:

    How about making it easier to search for recipes by appliance only? I would love to be able to easily find Ace Blender recipes without having to wade through other info.

  2. Michael Wing
    Michael Wing says:

    Separate recipes or search function by device. I should not have to sort through all recipes to find the device I just purchased. Haven’t used the instant vortex plus yet and am thinking seriously of returning it since you have ignored the need to quickly access specific recipes for it. I don’t have nor do I intend to purchase an instant pot until my present non instant pot fails.

    If I am mistaken and there is a way to pull up just vortex recipes then please send me that information.

  3. Martin Porvaznik
    Martin Porvaznik says:

    Where can I get recipes for the vortex plus instant pot air fryer? Hard to know what temperature and time to use. It is guess work. After paying a lot of money for this I would expect a cook book inside the box.

  4. Martha Scott
    Martha Scott says:

    You have to download the app. I was very disappointed because it didn’t have a cook book. I download the app.

  5. Louise Pileggi
    Louise Pileggi says:

    We’re excited to make a roast chicken in our new Air Fryer oven but can’t find out how to do it!!!!
    No recipes, little instruction with the oven. On line all you get is Instant Pot recipes. Very frustrating! Seems product was released too early.

  6. Dawn Gaye
    Dawn Gaye says:

    I got an Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer for Hanukkah and cannot find ANY RECIPES ANYWHERE!!! This was a huge purchase for me and I have no guidance as to how to use it. Yes, I have Instant Pot recipes and Air Fryer recipes, but to combine the use of both in one recipe for this one appliance is what is necessary!!
    Please. More information, more tips, and MORE RECIPES for the IP DUO CRISP AIR FRYER. Please. NOW.

  7. E. Shaffer
    E. Shaffer says:

    We are owners of an Instant Pot, and my wife likes it… So I bought the Vortex Plus Air Fryer oven for my her. There was NOTHING in the box to tell us how to use it, no initial recipes, etc. I FINALLY found the link to your website printed in an obscure place inside the box. At least the Instant Pot came with paper instructions on HOW TO USE it and some initial recipes. WHY doesn’t the air fryer at least come with something as well????? “1000’s of recipes”, and no way to search for the applicable appliance. And from what I’ve read in other comments, there are very few recipes for this appliance. Can’t prove it by me…I can’t find any at all. So now here we are…stuck with a brand-new and STILL UNUSED appliance and we still have no recipes or any idea what to do with it other than the basic instructions in the on-line version of your user’s manual. So far, I am extremely unhappy and very unimpressed with this purchase.

  8. Brian J. Splan
    Brian J. Splan says:

    Yup! 100% right they can be a bit of a pain until you use it awhile and yes I still mess up. This is my forth product that we have of Instant Pot. Love the product, customers in mind not so much. I think the big instpot had recipes. None with the blender or smaller Instapot.
    Hello internet

  9. A. Williams
    A. Williams says:

    and it is still sitting on my kitchen counter. No instructions, no recipes, NOTHING!!! I don’t know how to begin to cook anything with your product. What a waste.

  10. Rita Rodriguez
    Rita Rodriguez says:

    Just received my Instant Vortex plus Air Fryer Oven and can’t find any recipes, been going in circles on the internet! Paid a lot of money and there’s nothing of recipes!

  11. Anita
    Anita says:

    I can’t find any recipes for my new Vortex Plus Air Fryer….Ive tried searching but there are road blocks with no real recipes.
    Very Disappointed

  12. Paula White
    Paula White says:

    I recently went 9nlune to purchase cookbooks for my Vortex plus that I had gotten for Christmas. The cookbooks that I purchased from Amazon are misleading and are fir totally different air fryers. Needless to say I’m contacting Amazon. How can women do this. Instant pot needs to take action against this. It’s false advertising … We do need a cookbook for this unit.. Lol. My husband said whonpyts s cookbook out with the air fryer vortex plus picture on he from but instructions for another in the recipe…

  13. Jonan Barkalow
    Jonan Barkalow says:

    I have the same problem here. They sell us a product and give no recipes or good instructions to use it. I was very disappointed.

  14. Sonia
    Sonia says:

    Bought our Vortex Airfryer (huge fans of the Instant Pot) but am thoroughly disappointed at the lack of recipes. Almost nothing online. Very disappointed that I will have to use the trial and error method to use this air fryer correctly. Expected so much more from the Instant Pot brand.

  15. mike
    mike says:

    I agree. no worthwhile recipes. even went to barnes & noble. they looked up my vortex airfry oven pro for cookbooks.3 tiny books by independent authors. ridiculous $. some were used! amazon & instapot should be ashamed of themselves. $169.00 for a dust collecter!!

  16. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    This is the only tie I have purchased a cooking vessel which does not include a recipe booklet! I can;t even find any on your website. Unacceptable!

  17. Don
    Don says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the disappointment mentioned in almost all comments about the lack of recipes for the Vortex Plus, especially gluten free ones. So far a big waste of money and counter space.

  18. Bob
    Bob says:

    In my years of buying cooking appliances, I have never bought a cooking appliance with such
    a lack of operating instructions, and cooking times and guidance. I intended to use this as a toaster
    also, but I have looked all over ,and still do not know whether to use air fry, bake, broil or what !
    No times either. Went to the website, sent me to another page. nothing there either. Think I may take it back, and find one more user friendly. It looks like it would be very good if I could figure how to cook . At least I wish I could make toast with burning up a half a loaf trying to figure it out.
    When I bought it, it said toast on the box. That’s the last place I seen it. VERY POOR START WITH THIS APPLIANCE!

  19. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I bought mine two days ago. I’ve made chicken breasts and chicken drumsticks so far. Both turned out very juicy. Cooking the breasts in the air fryer then cooling and slicing for salads is going to work out great.

  20. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    While I agree with the comments re lack of instruction book detail s and no recipes book included. I bought it because my granddaugher and her husband, the 30+ year olds loved it- of course they immediately registered it and found all the help on the instant pot website including recipes and support! We are in our very late 70s and found this a terrific asset ,especially during our continued “stay in” to be safe for us and others. Well, I have made several dishes and they were all terrific, I made the best whole chicken using both the pressure cooker and then air fryer-juicy and tastie followed the recipe on their website. Don’t give up!

  21. Shirlene Deal
    Shirlene Deal says:

    Just purchased my Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven and agree with all of you!! Where are the recipes??? You would think they would be a few that were at least included in the box with the Air Fryer Oven. Mine says it is an air fryer, roaster, broiler, bake in it, reheat and can dehydrate…Why is there NO information on any of these??? Ready to send it back without even using it!!! Maybe if enough of us do send them back, VORTEX will get a hint and include recipes or at least a website to find recipes. SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! Would not recommend, only because of this reason!! I should have checked reviews first, before ordering!!!

  22. Texaschix
    Texaschix says:

    I totally agree. Not bought an appliance that did not include some recipes with it. So far it is taking space on my countertop.

  23. Dene
    Dene says:

    Completely disappointed with the lack of recipe breakdown by product type or cooking method. The recipes even reference the cooking method but you cannot search for it. Useless. Just like many of you who are frustrated, I took to youtube and searched for anything that would provide some assistance with Vortex Pro since everything is centered around the InstaPot. I found a “channel” that has some videos that give EXCELLENT tips and tricks using the Vortex. I started using them immediately and the food came out great! Most important tip I learned, if you have a recipe or dish that gives directions for using in the oven you can put it in the vortex just reduce the temp by 25 degrees and the cook time by 25%. Since you can always change temp/time while it is cooking, you can adjust accordingly but this is at least of rule of thumb as you are learning. You can also find out what size pans fit, etc. This person covers all of the Insta products in the various videos but she gave most info on the vortex I found (Lana Under Pressure). Hope this helps!

  24. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    May 19, 2020
    Just received my Instant Vortex Plus at 9:00 p.m. last night. After reading all of these complaints about there being no guidance in cooking with this appliance, ,I think I am going to return it rather than open it.
    I cant very well cook without recipes — I’m not Julia Child. I need to follow a recipe.

  25. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I agree. I’ve tried chicken breasts twice and not Impressed. Tonight is last try before returning.

  26. Theresa
    Theresa says:

    I just purchased the Instant Vortex plus and very disappointed with no recipes. Tried to go to the online site for recipes with little to no recipes. I should have bought the Ninja ..

  27. Diane
    Diane says:

    Where s the Recipes & User Manual for the Air Fryer ? It s a difficult website to navigate ! Disappointing for sure …….

  28. Dobbie
    Dobbie says:

    Where the heck are recipes for Vortex Plus. Can I do frozen chicken, fish? Good lord, is that too much to ask after buying from you guys???

  29. Robert
    Robert says:

    Just bought the Vortex Plus today and was disappointed to find that I can’t find recipes for this thing anywhere. Why doesn’t instant pot create an easily searchable website for this particular appliance?

  30. Josephine lucero
    Josephine lucero says:

    I love mine I cooked squash zucchini onion mushroom and Kabasa in the basket seasoning with oive oil and salt garlic it was yummy servered it over rice heck just cook and have fun

  31. sue
    sue says:

    I love my Vortex Plus, the top however seems to cook faster than the bottom rack so have to flip things around as to not burn anything, besides that I LOVE it, have not used my oven for months and it is a convection oven.

  32. S. Bunnell
    S. Bunnell says:

    I just purchased the Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven. I am hoping I did not make a mistake. I am very disappointed that there was not a booklet of recipes included with it. Is it possible for me to have a copy of recipes sent to me, or do I have to waste time experimenting?

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