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  1. Josephine Campbell
    Josephine Campbell says:

    How about making it easier to search for recipes by appliance only? I would love to be able to easily find Ace Blender recipes without having to wade through other info.

  2. Michael Wing
    Michael Wing says:

    Separate recipes or search function by device. I should not have to sort through all recipes to find the device I just purchased. Haven’t used the instant vortex plus yet and am thinking seriously of returning it since you have ignored the need to quickly access specific recipes for it. I don’t have nor do I intend to purchase an instant pot until my present non instant pot fails.

    If I am mistaken and there is a way to pull up just vortex recipes then please send me that information.

  3. Martin Porvaznik
    Martin Porvaznik says:

    Where can I get recipes for the vortex plus instant pot air fryer? Hard to know what temperature and time to use. It is guess work. After paying a lot of money for this I would expect a cook book inside the box.

  4. Martha Scott
    Martha Scott says:

    You have to download the app. I was very disappointed because it didn’t have a cook book. I download the app.

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